20 November 2014

20 Facts About Me

  • I am a ballet dancer
  • I love singing
  • My favourite singer is Frank Turner
  • One day I want to work in musical theatre
  • My favourite book is Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield
  • I love sci-fi tv, films and books
  • My favourite film is any of the Harry Potter series
  • I wear glasses
  • My three favourite tv shows are Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who and Being Human
  • I love photography
  • My favourite flavour of ice cream is Mint Chocolate
  • I love cooking
  • My favourite West End musical is Once
  • Winter is my favourite season
  • I have never left Europe
  • I drink lots of tea but never drink coffee
  • My favourite colour is purple
  • I am neither a cat or a dog person I love them both 
  • My favourite food is parma ham
  • I am scared of daddy long legs

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