5 January 2015

Best Vlogmas' To Catch Up On

Missing the christmas spirit, here are my top five Youtubers Vlogmasses to catch up on..

Fleur De Force- her pets are the cutest and she gets up to all sorts of fun things from shopping in london to putting up the biggest christmas tree ever!
Meghan Rienks - she has just had a nosejob and is basically sitting watch tv all day everyday so you get plenty of recommendations.
Tom and Gi - they arent doing the usual follow me around vlogs some days they do a sit down video. Lots of singing, lots of cute coupleyness and an adorable baby buzz
Zalfie (Zoella and PointlessBlog) - from one adorable baby buzz to another. These two have just got a pug puppy called Nala and alfies mum got her brother Buzz (hence the tenuous link) they have been in the media alot lately and had a few days off of vlogmas but theyre back and better than ever
Jim and Tan - these two are a super cute couple who live a realistically healthy lifestyle, Tan does yoga and Jim goes to the gym and they cook some really nice meals. They've got up to some fun stuff in London at the beginning of the month and in Norwich towards the end of the month.

Jess x

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